An Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Electrical Contractor.

Since our beginnings in 1985, our commitment is simple and straighforward.  We promise to be responsive to the ever changing needs of our clients.  We promise to stay abreast of the very latest technology, procedures and systems that will allow us to serve our clients better.

In short, our goal is to be the best contractor that you can hire.

We strive to build long-term relationships with each and every client. No matter how large or small, each project will revceive the same care and attention from our team.

Nordick Electric has always maintained a "we can do that" or "we will find a way" attitude. Because of this philosophy, we have been able to be innovative in providing services that are above and beyond the normal expectations of contractors. Our primary mission is to deliver services that will make a positive difference in the success of out clients.

The result is the highest standard of quality and commitement you'll find anywhere in the industry.

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